Types of bases

In Conquaerth there are normal and special base. Normal base is created by players.
The map also occur conquerable bases. These bases can be picked by successful attack. But also we could lose them by same way. These bases, however, provide huge strategic advantage

Normal base (NB)

Normal base is created by players. This base has all standard industry, but you can not build any specail buildings.
This base can not be captured or destroyed.

Resources base (RB)

They are provide a large amount of resources.
In all resources bases we can build only resources buildings, barracks and stores.

Tactical bases (TB)

Providing a tactical advantage in war conflict.
In all tactical bases we can build barracks, War Factory and radar. But you cann´t build standard resources buildings.

Strategic base (SB)

They provide some special advantage that you can use to gain a dominant position

Rebel bases (RL)

Providing a tactical advantage for begginers.

Special base (SP)

Speacial base for research second super-weapon or more base control.

Enable construction

Standard power plants[1] yes no no no yes yes
Gas powerplant no yes yes yes yes no
Standard resources buildings yes no no no yes[2] no
Special resources buildings no yese yes no yese[2] no
Shelters yes no no no no no
Construction factory yes yese yese yese yes yes
Barracks yes yes yese yes yese yes
War factory[3] yes no yese no yes[2] no
Radar yes no yes yese yes no
Missile silo yes no no yese no no
Laboratory yes no no no no yese
Fraction Super-weapons yes no no no no no
Special Super-weapons no yes yes yese no no
Standard heavy defence yes no no no yes no
Special heavy defence[4] no yes yes yese no no
no Not available

yes Available

yese Special buildings (with additional bonus).

[1] TC can build solar powerplant in each base (after upgrade solar plant)

[2] Rebel factory only

[3] UWA can build war factory in each base

[4] NF has special defence and can build it in each base