Friendly mission:

Deployment: To station the army at another base.

Transport: To send resources from one base to another.

Support: sent your army to join the defending army

Colonization: To send a excavator to an empty space and establish a colony base.

Return: The army is returning from a mission to a base.

Takeover: Possible only for conquered bases. Unlike conquest, after the takeover the buildings and defense remain. Resources and army, however, are lost!

In rebel bases you can recruit units. This allows us to get free units. This mission is completely safe. The chances of a successful recruitment is 75%.

Strategic strike: Superweapons strike (Support)

Enemy mission:

Attack: If you beat defense and army, you get 75% of present resources.

Support: sent your army to join the attacking army

Possible only for conquered bases. Takeover of enemy base

Destruction of superweapon: Destroy the present superweapon. Superweapon protects also the laser cannons!

Harvest: You can get a microchip or other objects.

Missile strike: Launch missile from rocket silo.

Strategic strike: Weapon of Mass Destruction