Friendly mission:

Deployment: To station the army at another base.

Transport: To send resources from one base to another.

Support: sent your army to join the defending army

Colonization: To send a excavator to an empty space and establish a colony base.

Return: The army is returning from a mission to a base.

Takeover: Possible only for conquered bases. Unlike conquest, after the takeover the buildings and defense remain. Resources and army, however, are lost!

Recruit: In rebel bases you can recruit units. This allows us to get free units. This mission is completely safe. The chances of a successful recruitment is 75%.

Strategic strike: Superweapons strike (Support)

Enemy mission:

Attack: If you beat defense and army, you get 75% of present resources.

Support: sent your army to join the attacking army

Conquer: Possible only for conquered bases. Takeover of enemy base

Destruction of superweapon: Destroy the present superweapon. Superweapon protects also the laser cannons!

Harvest: You can get a microchip or other objects.

Missile strike: Launch missile from rocket silo.

Strategic strike: Strike by Weapon of Mass Destruction (super weapon)