NF - Nuclear Federation

NF - Nuclear Federation

NF is the most aggressive fraction. Cheap rockets and powerful and fast dragon tank allows them do destructive attack.
MOTTO: If it moves, bomb it !


  • +5% production of Uranium
  • Plutonium breeder: Each level will increase uranium production by 3%.
  • Small rocket laucher: Special defence structure. Available in all type of base.
  • +15% production of Nuclear power plant
  • -25% price of missiles
  • -50% price of Nuclear technology
  • -35% price of Plasma technology and Reactors technology
  • For start: -50% price of light cannon (home base only)

Special units

  • Hunter: Small, but very fast runabout designed to tank destruction
  • Dragon tank: Advanced tank, which is able to destroy a rocket launchers and laser towers.


  • Nuke cannon: One of the most advanced defence weapons systems ever developed.
  • Nuclear Bomb: Nuclear Bomb destroys all enemy defenses and anti-missile defenses.

Special research:

  • Missile upgrade: Reduce construction price and time of missile.
  • Melting furnace: Reduce time of production of tanks and increase armor of tanks.
  • Shelters upgrade: Reduce construction price of shelters.
  • Geology: Better ore finding increase our iron production


  • Bonus to production of uranium and Nuclear power plant
  • Good defence (Addition special defence structures).
  • The best tank and anti-tanks units.
  • For aggressive players (cheap missiles).
  • Special units with the highest demage power.
  • Superweapon with the most destructive effect (nuclear bomb).
  • Pasive superweapon (nuke cannon).
  • Cheap nuclear and plasma technology.


  • Slow base development.
  • No airforce bonus (slow army).
  • Only one active super weapon.
  • No special units for raids.
  • No special structures for conquerable base.
  • No bonus for conquerable base.
  • Slow operation (problem in events).