You can choose between three fraction in Conquearth. Each fraction has own advantages, 2 special units and 2 super-weapons.

UWA - United World Army

- Best infantry training and army development.
- Cheap barracks and war factory. Quick army production.
- Additional army slot (raid and operation bonus).
- War factory can be build in all type of base.
- Cheaper technology for infantry upgrades

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NF - Nuclear Federation

- Bonus to production of uranium and Nuclear power plant
- Good defense (Addition special defense structures).
- The best tank and anti-tanks units
- For aggressive players (cheap missiles)
- Superweapon with destructive effect (nuke bomb)

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TC - Technocratic Corporation

- Research specialists (bonus to research time)
- Quick and cheap air force
- Bonus to production of Power plant and Gas power plant
- Espionage technology bonus
- Cheaper technology for upgrade speed of army

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Freedom pathfinders

- Recommended for new players.
- You can choose standard fraction later.
- Cheaper barracks and shelters.
- Additional resources for start
- No standard fraction bonuses

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