TC - Technocratic Corporation

TC - Technocratic Corporation

Research specialists can prepare attack at right time. Their quick and cheap air force can attack enemy from distance.
MOTTO: I will burn you alive with my new laser.


  • +25% production of Power plant and Gas power plant
  • Plasma Combustion technology: increase production of Plasma and reduce uranium consumption of airforce
  • Signal amplifier (conquerable base only): Each level reduce uranium consumption of army by 2%
  • -20% research time
  • -30% price of Airfield
  • -20% price of Fuel technology and Jet engine
  • -50% price of Radar technology
  • For start: Plasma welding factory: Plasma welding reduce production price of buildings by 3% per level.

Special units

  • Hornets: This light helicopter can be produced in large quantity in each base.
  • Black eagle: The Black Eagle is a high speed armored fighter-bomber with low consuption.


  • Shadow-wave generator: Shadow-wave generator make impossible to aim missiles or radar at our base. Also, soldiers will have problems to find it and will be slowdowm.
  • EMP cannon: EMP cannon destroy electricity in enemy base for 24 hours. Army in base can not move for 24 hours.

Special research:

  • Particle accelerator: Reduce time and price of all research.
  • Mirror system: Increase production of solar powerplant and you can built it in all type of base.
  • Geology: Better ore finding increase our iron production
  • Army show: Chance of a successful recruitment is 100% and Recruit units has increased effect.


  • Research specialists (bonus to research time and price).
  • Quick and cheap air force.
  • Bonus to production of Power plant and Gas power plant.
  • Bonus to production of plasma (Plasma Combustion technology)
  • Espionage technology bonus.
  • Cheaper technology for upgrade speed of army (quick army transport).
  • Quick development in the begining of the game (Plasma welding factory, radar technology).
  • Hornets can be build in all types of base.
  • Superweapon with the most strategy impact.
  • You can total paralyze enemy base (EMP)


  • No special units for defence.
  • No unique army upgrades.
  • Non-destructive superweapons only.
  • Airfield can not be build in each typ of base.
  • Air force is not suitable for strategic (destruction) attack.
  • You must plan you actions
  • No infantry or tank bonus (problem in large battles)