UWA - United World Army

UWA - United World Army

Alliance of army generals. This fraction has the best infantry training and army development.
MOTTO: Army is live !


  • +1 more army you can send at one time from each base
  • Internment camp - Increase speed of training and capture enemy units
  • War factory can be build in all type of base
  • +35% production speed of army
  • -40% price of War factory
  • -50% price of Biology technology
  • -15% price of Elite training technology and laser weapon technology
  • For start: -40% price of Servise depot

Special units

  • Sniper: The sniper has an excellent range, allowing him to easily take out enemy infantry from distance.
  • Scarabeus: Cargo helicopter equipped with a multi-gun from scorpion. It is designed for rapid penetration of defense.


  • Ion cannon: Ion cannon focus and destroys covers, barriers and missile silo.
  • Subspace transformer: Subspace transformer move our armies around the world in minute.

Special research:

  • Motors: Uranium consumption of vehicles is reduced and speed of vehicles is increased.
  • Infantry upgrade: Reduce construction price of barracks and increase attack of infantry.
  • Shelters upgrade: Reduce construction price of shelters.
  • Army show: Chance of a successful recruitment is 100% and Recruit units has increased effect.


  • Best infantry training and army development.
  • Cheap barracks and war factory. Quick army production.
  • Additional army slot (raid and operation bonus).
  • War factory can be build in all type of base (defence and operation bonus).
  • Cheaper technology for infantry upgrades.
  • Special units for raids.
  • Special unit with many bonuses (Scarabeus).
  • Super weapons supports you army operation.
  • Quick conquerable base development.


  • No additional recources production bonus.
  • No power plant bonus.
  • No tanks and air force consumption bonus.
  • For active players only
  • No uranium production bonus (you need uranium for your army)
  • Superweapons are useful only with army